Behavior in dogs


                                     Behavior in dogs

Today we talk about dog behavior, and we try hard to explain this behavior and conditions

We must divide the behavior into two parts

Fungal behavior and acquired behavior
                                                               Fungal behavior

  is a hereditary behavior and appears immediately after birth. It appears in many forms, such as urination, kicking or feeding, and in later stages of the dog’s life it also appears in lying or scratching the ground and biting. All of this is fungal behavior.

                                                                Acquired behavior

 is the mixing of previous factors with more developed factors resulting from a genetic factor + socialization. The dog learns to interact with other things such as other dogs, people, sounds, and the areas around it.

So the dog's general behavior is the result of many factors, including heredity, natural instinct, basic senses, and previous experiences. All of these factors contribute to the form of dog behavior.
As for the subject of bad dog behavior sometimes, but very much resembles the human being 'meaning that this behavior is responsible for the dog itself and not its owner' because it lies in his mind and in his genes, but this is a source of al-Qaeda 'because the rule says that changing bad behavior in the dog is permissible

It must be remembered that dogs are like humans in this individual image, "This is a very important aspect of looking at dogs' behavior and dealing with them" because the behavior differs from one dog to another "and we must consider all factors that govern the behavior of the dog

And it seems that dogs have the ability to think 'even if it is not the way a person thinks' and I will tell here a story that indicates this 'it tells if there is a German Shepherd dog with its owner and once the dog came to its owner with a rabbit killed by the dog' and came to its owner to appear He had his forces and his aggression, but the dog owner scolded him sharply, but the dog tried again and came with another rabbit, but did not kill him yet, but he mutilated him. So the dog owner took more severe measures and dog violence until he decided not to do it and kept watching until he found the dog hunting another rabbit and killing and then burying him so that he could not see him His owner will consequently punish him if he comes to the house with a slain rabbit The story shows the extent to which dogs and their many paths think about their instincts

It has been found by scientists who study dog ​​behaviors that dog mind functions are estimated at 80% by instinct and 20% by knowledge gained during life
Studies estimate that the first 21 days of a puppy's age, mental ability = 0, interact only as necessary as warmth, sleep, food
As for from 20 days to 28 days, although it depends entirely on his mother, the puppy starts using rashdah during this week, and the ability between 28 days to 49 days begins to interact with the surrounding environment and discover the surrounding areas
We must always and never have to remember that the dog is an animal in the first place, 'an animal that depends on instincts, and therefore needs a lot of effort in order to reconcile between us and it. Because the process of understanding lies in the properties, "and as I said earlier, each dog has its own characteristics and its path that are inconsistent with other dogs like humans."

And for dogs to be young, we must have a wide range of experience in dealing with this faction
All bad dog behavior can be restored and managed. "But the only situation that cannot be returned is when bad behavior is the result of health problems such as neurological disorder.
This, and on it, I put in your hands some facts and statistics
90% of dog bites occur to people who do not interact with dogs
60% to 70% of dog bites are for children and the elderly
40% of bites lead to loss of lip or cheek tissue in children
As for the issue of dominant behavior, we find it in dogs and we find that dogs are trying to control the whole house if we raise them in our homes with us. ”

A study conducted at the University of California confirmed that small dogs bite more than large dogs, and that is because the owners of small dogs consider that their dogs are not very dangerous, but the owners of large dogs are trying to control their dogs because they know that their dogs are dangerous and this contrast lies with the behavior
And that study means induction and consideration of the dog's general behavior, and in order to control the dog's behavior in general, you must be the leader, and this creates within you that you are the leader.

There are many facts about the behavior of dogs, for example but not limited to “Did you know that most people think that leaving the dog free and loose throughout the day is a good thing?” But the truth is that most dogs like to lie down and sleep all day while waiting for the owner to come


The behavior of the dog can change through training and through our knowledge of all aspects of this behavior. We must read and always look for the best in order to establish an excellent relationship through this understanding.