Vizsla - Hungarian Velcro Dog


                              Vizsla - Hungarian Velcro Dog

Vizsla's are medium-sized dogs and one of the smallest hunting dogs. Typically they are around 21 to 25 inches tall and weigh between 41 and 66 pounds. They are very athletic and do require a yard and regular exercise. They will enjoy playing fetch and this is a good way to get in exercise with the dog. These dogs are not a good choice for apartment dwellers, as they require about an hour of exercise a day. They make a great hiking or jogging buddies and are happiest when they are doing something with the family. Vizsla's are very affectionate and bond to the family and owner very quickly, so they do make good pets for first-time dog owners. They want to please and therefore, are easy to train. This attraction to the owner means that they do not do well being left alone for long periods of time and they will suffer separation anxiety and become destructive if left alone too long. This is where the Velcro part of the title comes in - they are so affectionate that they will not leave your side if you are in the house or outside! The breed is very good with children, other pets, and strangers. Basically, they tend to be a laid back dog. However, they are also very loyal to the owner, so they do make a good watchdog and will let you know if someone is invading the "pack space". Being a sensitive and highly intelligent dog, Vizsla's are easy to train, but you must use rewards and kindness rather than corporal punishment and harsh words.

The Vizsla was bred to be a hunter (in Hungary), so they will tend to run far afield if given the opportunity. It is best to keep them in a fenced yard, with room to run. They enjoy playing and are always ready to go and make good therapy dogs or hunting dogs. They do not tolerate cold weather well, as they have no undercoat. This means that they tolerate warmer climates pretty well. They are also athletic enough to be trained for agility trials. They can be very verbal dogs, so it is best to train them some verbal manners early in ownership. Vizsla's typically live for about 12 to 15 years, so controlling the verbalizations can be critical, unless you like noise! The breed is basically very healthy, accounting for the longer life span. Hip dysplasia is the major problems associated with the breed.

As mentioned previously, the Vizsla does not have an undercoat, so grooming needs are pretty minimal. The breed does shed, but the coat is short. They are a self-cleaning dog, meaning that you do not get the typical dog smell of many breeds. They do like water and after repeated swimming episodes they can get some "wet dog" smell, however, a quick bath will remedy this quickly. Nails should be kept clipped and the ears checked for mites and debris regularly, due to the "flop over" ear style.