Favorite dog of the French: the Australian shepherd wins the palm in 2019


Favorite dog of the French: the Australian shepherd wins the palm in 2019

Each year, the Central Canine Society, or SCC, unveils the list of favorite dogs of the French. Only purebred dogs registered in the LOF (Dog Origin Book) are included in this list. The SCC, to establish its classification, is based on the number of puppies births. According to the results made public on January 21, it was the Australian Shepherd who took first place on the podium in 2019.

The Australian Shepherd tops the charts for the second consecutive year
The Australian Shepherd, also called Aussie, is a dog of American origin. He is robust and very fond of learning. Easy to educate, he needs to be stimulated. If it is known to be obedient, the use of a training collar can however prove useful. Indeed, the shepherd is dynamic and tireless and requires time and patience in education. Very affectionate, he has a medium size and a beautiful dress.

While he had already stolen first place from the Belgian shepherd in 2018, the Australian shepherd is once again designated as the favorite dog of the French. In 2019 alone, it reached 14,737 LOF registrations. This figure represents an increase of 14% compared to 2018. To date, the only breed to have crossed the 15,000 registrations is the German Shepherd.

The success of the shepherdess breeds in France
Since 1946, the shepherdess races occupy the first places in the hearts of the French. The German Shepherd was their favorite dog for 69 years, from 1946 to 2015. He was dethroned by the Belgian Shepherd for two years, followed by the Australian Shepherd in 2018 and 2019. With over 55,010 registrations in 2019, the dog's Shepherd dogs constitute nearly 25% of the births of purebred dogs in our country. The top 10 revealed by the SCC shows the Belgian shepherd in the second position, followed closely by the Staffordshire bull terrier in the third position. The chihuahua disappears from the ranking, while we still find the much appreciated golden retriever, German shepherd,
and French bulldog.

France and the registration of purebred dogs
In addition to the classification of the preferred dog breeds of the French, the SCC published interesting figures concerning the breeding of purebred dogs in France. France currently has 2.5 million purebred dogs, out of a total of 7 million dogs. Over 30% of puppies purchased are registered with the LOF. France thus ranks third in the world, behind Russia and Japan.

You want to have a dog but you can't decide? The Australian Shepherd seems to delight many families. Be careful, because if it adapts well to children, it is advisable to have an outdoor space allowing it to let off steam.