Lazy dogs don't exist


                                                Lazy dogs don't exist

 We, humans, are masters of the art of laziness: sometimes we don't even want to get out of bed and attack the day ahead. Dogs are completely different. Although they need a lot of rest and love to doze off on the couch, the word "lazy" is just not in their vocabulary. Which is strange, because they often give the impression of the opposite.

All dogs enjoy walking, sniffing, and playing outdoors. Naturally, energy levels differ by breed, and by age, dogs sleep an average of 14 to 18 hours per day: puppies even more! Still, man's best friend could hardly be described as lazy. So why does your dog sometimes behave like a potato on your couch?

Unlike people, dogs don't complain. This means we tend not to notice when they're in pain, in discomfort, or when they're anxious. However, your dog will try to let you know in his own way what he is feeling. By moaning, panting, yawning, or using other stress signals for example. And, like all dogs, they love a walk outside for that pleasant sniffing moment, but there is certainly something wrong if yours doesn't feel the urge. And, it is your job as the owner or custodian to figure out exactly what is wrong. Here are some possibilities:

Your dog is in pain

Is your dog not showing his usual enthusiasm for his walk? Chances are he's not feeling well. Dogs are unable to say "ouch!" or growl to express pain. You might not even notice if your furry friend has chronic muscle or joint pain. & Nbsp; But if a good walk where you can play and run is no longer fun for your dog, then it is wrong! Unfortunately, many dogs in France suffer from undetected pain. It is important to check if your dog is showing signs of physical discomfort. A visit to the veterinarian or osteopath will eliminate any doubts and luckily many issues can be resolved with nutrition, medication, or physical therapy.

Your dog is afraid

You are walking with your dog, but he does not want to come when you called him. "Fido, Fiiiiiido, come here my beau!" but Fido is firmly anchored in his place. Are you wondering what the problem is? maybe Fido saw something scary, maybe it's because of another dog, a group of people, a cyclist, etc ... Observe his body language: the position of his tail and his ears, his attitude: what he looks at, does he give the impression of being tiny, does he pant or start yawning, his ears are they flattened back ... all signs that could show a stressful situation. Your dog is not lazy, but probably fear deep inside him, it is important to calm him down and reassure him as best as possible ... because you don't want him to be afraid of being reprimanded, right?

Does your dog yawn from fatigue or stress?

Your dog has no energy

"My dog ​​doesn't like to go for walks and prefers to hang out. Or my dog ​​is perfectly happy at home, he just curls up and goes to sleep." Many people believe that their dog is lazy because he is lethargic and inactive. But cause and effect are often confused. By nature, dogs love to go outdoors and explore. If a dog spends a lot of time alone at home, they will inevitably feel low on energy. Dogs can get depressed too! A dog that is not sufficiently stimulated can quickly become listless. He will spend his days sleeping because there is nothing else to do if no one wants to take him for a walk and play with him. Do you think your dog is feeling a little depressed? take the time to suggest a few activities, take the most regular out for a walk, and try to vary your itinerary so that he can explore new scents. Give him more moments of fun, games ... and he will become more joyful, like in the good old days.

Your dog is overweight

And yes, dogs can become obese, just like us. An overweight dog will have difficulty moving. He will want to, but will not be able to! If you are not careful, your healthy and energetic dog will become sluggish and lethargic from the extra pounds. But how can you tell that your dog is overweight? You should easily be able to see it if your pet is a perfect weight, no need to see their ribs, sometimes a small belly doesn't hurt. Is your dog getting a little too chubby? Does the amount of food you give him, you will do him a big favor! Take him, as much as possible, on long walks and play with him more so that he becomes active and lively again.

A healthy dog ​​likes to go on an adventure and enjoy a good walk to sniff all around

Of course, not all dogs are athletes by birth. Some breeds are less physically active than others, and older dogs are generally calmer. But, a healthy happy dog ​​is always enthusiastic, alert, and very ready for a walk. Does your dog (or the dog in your care) seem "lazy"? So listen to what he is trying to tell you and find the cause of his attitude. As soon as you start to discover the causes, you will see what your pet needs to be happy and curious.