The Belgian Malinois Shepherd: the Ferrari of working dogs


 The Belgian Malinois Shepherd is a working dog par excellence. He possesses exceptional innate qualities which make him a dog capable of performing many tasks. It is the same, that in certain activities and specialties cynophiles, the BBM proudly dethrones the historic German Shepherd. In which activities are the Belgian Shepherd Malinois used?

The Malinois: a very good working dog

The Belgian Shepherd Malinois is the utility dog ​​and the most widely used working dog in the various French administrations, particularly for protection, search, security, and surveillance tasks.

The faculty of BBM comes from the fact that it is always available and ready to please its master, no matter when and when it is requested. The physique of this dog makes him a very versatile dog. Able to be carried, to combine the lightness of his weight with speed, he is a dog that can execute orders with impressive speed.

It is easy to work with him, because generally, they are particularly playful dogs, always ready to learn and to improve themselves to please their master.

Thus it is used as a police dog, gendarmerie dog, military dog ​​in the Army, avalanche dog in the mountains, or even research dog. Among the latter activity, several specialties arise dog for searching for banknotes, dog for detecting weapons, ammunition or explosives, dog for detecting blood or human remains, dog for detecting products. flammable and incendiary, ideology dogs, or even disease detection dogs, in particular cancer.

A whole extraordinary panoply which makes this breed of working dog, an exceptional dog.

Sporty, obedient dog, excels in the Ring

The Malinois has all the qualities to perform dog sports, especially biting sports. He integrates the commands very quickly, learns very quickly, has a very nice bite, a very developed flair, and a high-quality physical condition, the Malinois can very quickly climb the ranks in dog sports and in particular in the Ring.

Today the Ring podiums are occupied by Belgian Malinois shepherds because they have all the skills and qualities necessary to succeed in this discipline. The ring is a very complete discipline that takes up a program similar to the canine dog brigades of the National Police and the National Gendarmerie. It’s a test of jumping, obedience, and biting / defense. The Ring is broken down into 4 levels: the patent, the Ring I, the Ring II, and the Ring III. To access Ring I, you must obtain the Ring Patent. Same principle for the following levels.

About ten years ago, the German shepherd was doing well, but as notes, the Belgian Malinois shepherd has gained the ascendancy over the BA notably thanks to the selection work carried out by the breeders is d 'excellent quality and this one is recognized by all.

The BBM must be physical, fast, show courage,
and will while being stable and very balanced mentally. He is conditioned to bite the web and not all humans encountered in everyday life.

It is a pity that media facts are detrimental to the Belgian Malinois shepherd breed.

It is essential to be well informed about the breed of the dog that interests you in order to avoid bad luck to the dog later.