The dog is man's best friend


                          The dog is man's best friend

Man's Best Friend Dog: That's a strong cliché that many people know. Thus, the dog is man's best friend. Therefore, I will tell you why my dogs are for me my best friends, my family, and whole beings. They are my traveling companions, my appointed providers of hugs and happiness!

When I say my dog (my dog) is my best friend, it means he is perfect for me. Let me clarify this. None of them are perfect. But, they are for me! At the same time, what human could claim to be perfect (apart from my bosses of course lol)?

But all together, we make a beautiful family. Indeed, my dog teaches me to be more patient and more empathetic. I teach them to discover the world in the most positive way possible. So, every day I try to show them that I love them by respecting them.

Here's why I consider my dog my best friend:

1- Assumed nap

He loves naps as much as I do. As soon as I lie down on the sofa, he snuggles up against me. Sometimes he just wants to be against me, but other times he wants hugs and itches as well. Both of my dogs have expert sleep levels! If I offer them a ride very early in the morning, they turn their backs on me and go back to bed!

2. He does not respond or not always as you hear him!

For example, when he does something “stupid” (I remind you that this notion cannot be conceptualized by the dog) like making a big hole in the garden, I remind him that I am the one buying his food! Oh, he doesn't answer… and goes back to finish the hole. He's a cheeky one!

3. My dog   is a “dog trotter”

Always ready to accompany me everywhere. He enjoys going on adventures and seeing many places. No need to plan anything, he's with me. Where I go, he will go. Whether it's a hike, going to the lake, or even in a parking lot, he loves going out. Besides, he also likes to ask me for walks around 1am, when I'm not in bed yet!

4. I choose the TV program

Also, when the man in my life leaves, I have the right to decide what to watch on TV. Yes, my dogs give me the time to really watch whatever I want! None of them rob me of the playoffs. I can watch and sing Disney songs without them complaining!

5. He likes my cooking

First of all, I love my colleagues at Canidelite. But, they complain about my cooking. This is not the case with my dogs! Therefore, I think I am a misunderstood cook on the team. But, we got used to it. No matter what I cook for my dogs, they love it and never leave a beat!

6. It is easy to make him happy

My dog is easy to please. Indeed, he likes anything that could serve as a toy. Especially, if it squeaks or tears. He loves cuddly toys or tear-off gift packages. My dog likes to play brawl with me or even “cat”. He also appreciates that we just leave him alone.

7. He thinks I'm a masseuse

For starters, I don't have any training to massage my dog. But, that doesn't matter to him. He accepts mine as soon as I offer them. He'll sit down next to me and wait for me to massage his head and ears. This is his big favorite. It's always a good time for both of us.

8. He doesn't judge me

Indeed, that's what many humans of a dog will say! Dogs don't judge. They don't care what you wear or what you look like. My dog follows me even though I look like nothing. You have to see the winters when I take out the outfit: pillow, boots, jeans, over-pants for the rain. He doesn't care how much money I earn or my social status.

9. He is always happy to see me

First of all, he loves to party and see me. Indeed, every day, he is happy to see me when I come home. He offers me his toy and makes me forget the rainy days. My Loulou is always there for me. He'll always be there when I need a shoulder to lean on.

10. He's fun

Well, he's always ready to play and fool around with me. I love it when he seems to be going wild outside, running around making doe passes. He always finds ways to make me smile, like when I write an article, he comes to look at me very fondly and belches my head. Who wouldn't be happy after pulling weeds out and spreading them all over the house?

My dogs are my best friends. But, before that, they were both abused and abandoned by their first “family”. In France, a lot of families are disappointed with what a dog is. They mistakenly think that dogs are just docile and loyal. Indeed, they do not know or do not want to know, to what point, taking a dog is an investment every day. They don't want to believe that the “perfect” dog doesn't exist. At least, it only exists in the heart of someone who is willing to love it.

So, considering your dog as a whole being, should not prevent you from seeing him as he is. You can love your dog like your children if you respect their specific needs. Indeed, needs are always specific to the individual.

In conclusion, I can only already worry about the fate that will befall many dogs at the end of the year. Those that will be given as gifts to families not informed or unwilling to get involved. These same families will end up giving up this summer, see before by abandoning their dog. If you want your dog to be your best friend, start by knowing what makes him a dog.