Police dog: what does it do? What are the favorite breeds of police officers?


 Dogs are animals that humans, apart from making pets, have always used to help them with various tasks. They were initially used for hunting, as a guard dog, but over time they have been seen to take a more important place in various trades, in particular that of the police force.

What professions use dogs in law enforcement, and why?

Various breeds of dogs are used in professions related to law enforcement in all countries of the world. Indeed, dogs have great physical qualities such as their highly developed sense of smell, great agility, strength, and even intelligence, all of which are assets to help these public safety professionals.

These dogs are educated from the age of 10 months by the police, with very hard and very specific training for six months, so that later in the field, they can have the right reflexes at the right time.

Once trained and on duty, these dogs each work with an assigned dog handler, who will also be their handler. These dog handlers are also called dog handlers. They must have two years of service, undergo specific training, and pass a practical exam to finally have the recognized status of the dog handler.

Thus, dogs will be found in the army, in the national police, in customs, and in the gendarmerie.

These dogs are used for various tasks, depending on the specifics of their breeds. But what breeds are used by these trades and for what purpose?

Dog breeds preferred by police officers

Not all breeds of dogs are suitable for working with law enforcement. In fact, a dog like the Breton spaniel, for example, will have natural reflexes and physical capacities that are much more suited to hunting than to working with the police.

German shepherd

The German Shepherd is certainly the most popular and well-known dog breed in the police force. Its many qualities, including its exceptional flair and great intelligence, make this breed a perfect tool for many tasks.

The German Shepherd is used in homeland defense, in searching for missing and fleeing people, in detecting explosives and more drugs.

On top of that, this breed is also known for its role as a sheepdog, rubble search dog, and guide dog for the blind.

The Doberman

The Doberman, once infamous for being German favorite dogs during WWII, these dogs very close to their master and wary of strangers, are endowed with agility, strength and intelligence beyond the common, which has earned them to be used today, in many countries, as a defense dog, or even an exceptional intervention police dog.


Mainly used by the Austrian and German police, the Rottweiler is a deterrent dog with its imposing build, which does not prevent this breed from being endowed with great speed and being quite agile. It is also a very intelligent breed of dog, which is employed in intervention and protection missions.

The Belgian Shepherd

Among the four breeds in the Belgian shepherd family, only two are used by the police: the Tervuren and the Malinois. Endowed with impressive speed and great intelligence, these dogs have nothing to envy of their German Shepherd cousin. Also known as being very obedient and hardworking dogs, Belgian Shepherds are used as trackers, but also as body search dogs in the mountains, especially after avalanches.


The boxer is a dog that has all the physical qualities required to work with law enforcement. Mainly used by the German police, the boxer, by virtue of his intelligence, his agility, his strength, and his hard-working spirit, is mainly used for missions to secure territory.

The beagle

Despite its appearance as a cute little family dog ​​or hunting dog, the beagle is also used by police forces in various countries around the world, such as the United States, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, or even in Australia. With its exceptional flair that comes from its hunter origins, the beagle is widely used in customs to detect drugs.

Labrador retriever

In addition to being a perfect dog for a family, he is an extraordinary guide for the blind, and also serves for hunting by tracking and bringing back game, but his scent, intelligence, and docility make him a perfect dog for the customs. Indeed, Labradors' extremely keen sense of smell makes them extremely effective at spotting all kinds of illegal objects that are not immune to their noses: drugs, explosives, counterfeit bills, and much more.

The Shorthaired Dutch Shepherd

Having common origins with the Belgian Shepherd, the Dutch Shorthaired Shepherd, by virtue of his courage, his intelligence, and especially his very developed nose, is an excellent tracking dog as well as search for missing or fleeing person. This breed of dog is appreciated by all police forces around the world.

The American Pit Bull Terrier

This breed of dog, with its infamous origins for clandestine dogfights, is characterized by its loyalty, courage, and determination, which makes them perfect intervention and territorial protection dogs. The American Pit Bull Terrier primarily in the United States to combat crime.

The Saint-Hubert dog

Originally used to track game during hunting, this little-known breed, although not very fast, is now used for its exceptional scent by the police force, to find missing persons.