While dog food today is prevalent in both pet and canned food form, there is also a trend that supports the home grooming based diet. Whether we want to cook for ourselves or go for a hearty menu, but want to introduce variations, it's normal that we have doubts. And one of them is can dogs eat pistachios. In this article, we answer that question.

Benefits and properties of pistachios

We know that the benefits of nuts are numerous, as they provide essential and highly recommended nutrients to be part of a healthy diet. Of course, we also know that their consumption should be moderate since they have a high-fat content. But the question may arise when it comes to feeding dogs, as we don't know if the benefits of these foods for people are extrapolated to dogs in the same way.

So in this case, if you are wondering if dogs can eat pistachios, the answer is yes. Including pistachios in our dog's diet, provided we do it right, can provide some interesting benefits. Among the properties of pistachios, we can highlight its high nutritional power. It is a source of vegetable protein, fat, and carbohydrates and provides the following:


_Unsaturated fats.





_Fatty acids.

Vitamin A, B1 or thiamine, B2, B6, E, K, folic acid, iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, selenium, or zinc stand out.

Is it good to give pistachios to dogs?

Yes, dogs can eat pistachios just like other nuts, but not all. To make sure of this, we must always inquire before giving a dry fruit or any other food to our dog, because some are totally prohibited, because they are toxic for this species, for example, macadamia nuts. But, getting back to pistachios, they are among the permitted nuts, which doesn't mean that a dog's diet should be based on them, not even that it's a food to incorporate into the menu every day.

Buy pistachios for dogs

It should be clear that dogs can live and be perfectly fed without eating pistachios. In fact, they are carnivorous animals, although they accept other types of food. Today we have a wide variety of foods marketed and prepared specifically for dogs. There are animal feed, wet and dehydrated food, and a large number of ranges for all stages of life, such as puppies or elderly specimens, or for different pathologies, such as diabetes or kidney disease. This makes a diet that covers all the nutritional needs of all types of dogs very accessible to all.

Although, of course, there are different qualities and prices for all budgets, it is difficult for dogs to suffer from malnutrition at this time. So they won't need to eat pistachios, you don't have to insist that they eat them and, only if our dog likes them, we can offer them occasionally and in very small quantities, as a reward or as a way to strengthen our bond by sharing food with them.

How to give pistachios to a dog?

If your dog loves pistachios and you've read this far, you know that dogs can eat pistachios, but not often, but as an occasional prize. If we exceed the amount or the pistachio we give it is processed, we run the risk of causing gastrointestinal problems, which will manifest as vomiting and diarrhea. Always keep in mind that a mini purebred dog will not accept the same number of pistachios as a giant. We need to be aware of this information to avoid overtaking ourselves.

In addition to taking into account the spaced consumption, it should be noted that pistachios should always be given without the shell. On the other hand, they must be natural, without salt or added sugars and, of course, they cannot be fried, at most, we can choose lightly grilled ones, because neither of these processes will be beneficial for the dog. We are only interested in the fruit as it is. The shells could cause digestive problems, such as blockages because they are not digested. Fried and salt are not recommended for dogs.

On the other hand, if you feed your dog some homemade food, of course always following the advice of a veterinary nutrition professional, and some of the recipes include dried fruits, pistachios are a good option, of which we have already discussed the nutritional value. In this case, pistachio can be added to the trough chopped, chopped, or ground, so that its use in the digestive system is facilitated, and also be included as an ingredient if we make homemade bars, cookies, or bread for our dog.

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