CAN I PROTECT MY DOG FROM CORONAVIRUS?

Some dog owners have taken to protecting their dogs with a mask or a cardboard cup over the muzzle tied with a rubber band. According to a study by Chinese scientists on pets, this type of dog mask is useless.

ESPECIALLY NO detergent, bleach, or hydroalcoholic gel to disinfect your dog! The Order of Veterinarians is warning pet owners of the dangers of using these products on their pets. The fear of contagion leads to dangerous behavior on the part of some teachers. And yes, fear sometimes pushes to do anything ... For several days, we have unfortunately seen passing, on social networks, images of dogs whose paws have been burned by hydroalcoholic gel or even bleach. STOP these are toxic products !!! If you want to clean your animals after returning from a walk, use soap and water. This is effective enough!

Since the dog and human Coronavirus are not the same, there is no need to protect your dog.

                     WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH MY DOG IF I HAVE COVID-19?

If you are unable to take care of your dog due to your medical condition which requires hospitalization, for example, do not leave him alone at your home.

Call on your loved ones, your neighbors, or your family or, as a last resort, local associations to watch over your dog for a few days. These associations already manage all abandoned dogs throughout the year, and it appears that there is currently a strong increase in abandonment so they may not be able to help you but they will certainly be able to help you. good advice.

In this time of crisis, we absolutely must show solidarity! Borrow Mon Toutou et Bibou, two dog-sitting services, get involved in their own way by entering into the chain of solidarity to protect our animals. They both call for everyone's solidarity by offering, in this exceptional situation, 100% free and united childcare service. Their objective? Fight against the massive abandonment of animals by helping the hairy people in hospitals, the elderly who can no longer go out, and our everyday heroes (caregivers, cashiers, police officers, etc.). For more information, visit their respective sites, they will explain in detail how they work and the health instructions to apply.

In this time of unprecedented health crisis, I have a moving thought for all of you dear Wouafer’s. Take care of yourself and your animals.


As President Emmanuel Macron announced, it will not be possible to move from one department to another during confinement. It is therefore the same situation as during the first confinement. The holidays will therefore have to wait a few weeks ... In the meantime, you can plan your holidays with your dog for next year! To do this, consult our accommodation and activity sections to prepare your next vacation WITH your dog, Whew race!

As you see in the media, every day the situation is changing and every day we are learning new information about this pandemic. Stay connected with the latest news to be kept informed of developments and the security rules to be applied. Also remember to download and use the Tous Anti Covid application in order to be informed immediately when you have been in contact with a person who has tested positive, and in order to be able to inform others if you are positive for Covid-19.

Although we are all affected by this epidemic, I advise you to pay attention to the sources of the information transmitted to you. Use good judgment and not be alarmed when new information is released. Make sure that the information you have is from a trusted source ...

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es Wouafer’s, I repeat once again: dogs are neither susceptible to catching the virus nor transmitting it. It is humans, aka us, who is the only danger in history

We will keep this article updated as the situation evolves. But, know that there is no reason to panic if you meet a dog. Above all, don't give up on your dog! I say this because many shelters have seen their dropout rate increase abroad.

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